Inspiration for a Perfect Thanksgiving Table

The start of November seems to instantly become Christmas season.   Even as a kid I had a weird aversion to this, writing letters to the local paper and stating the woes of the forgotten holiday that is Thanksgiving.  So while everyone else is sharing their Christmas decor and holiday spirit, I gathered some of great options for Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, or like me, just trying to draw out the fall season before winter hits, here are some fun entertaining and decor items for your Thanksgiving holiday.


  1. The perfect burnt orange color napkins for fall will add a great pop of color to a set table
  2. These matte black candlesticks are so sleek and would transition wonderfully into all holidays
  3. A decorative plate like this goes a long way in making your table holiday ready
  4. These cute cheese knifes aren’t Thanksgiving exclusive but they are still pretty great
  5. I love these placemats for any time of year but with burnt orange and gold accents, a group of these would make a great base to any holiday meal
  6. Every Thanksgiving needs a serving platter – why not make it adorable!
  7. Metallic napkin rings  would add an extra bit of glam to spruce up your dinner decor
  8. A gold pumpkin centerpiece screams Thanksgiving and adds to this holiday’s spirit
  9. I love these serving spoons – they would look extra beautiful in a bowl of cranberry sauce
  10. Adding some height and color to the table decor, this vase is a great fall color to tie another color into the mix.
  11. And, a coordinating cocktail napkin like this also adds a bit of extra humor to your day

I hope some of these items inspire your Thanksgiving spirit to stick around a bit longer and makes your holiday that much better.


Master Bedroom Layout and Mood Board

Here’s the fun part! A mood board is the first look at everything together and always helps to bring the ideas to life.

Bedroommood board.jpg

I pulled the  deep neutrals and natural tones from some of our inspiration spaces and I love how its starting to come together.  Since the walls have so much white space, the bold rug and large headboard will break up that blankness nicely.

Bedroom Plan.jpg

We’re also redoing the layout to rotating the direction of the room. The space is slightly longer than it is wide and placing the bed the other way frees up extra space at the base of the bed.  Even though its only an extra 18 – 24 inches from how the space is laid out now, its enough to add a bench and accent chair, giving us a small seating area.  This extra seating will add softness and function we definitely don’t have currently.

While I am anxiously waiting for our orders to arrive, I’ll be sharing our process as it happens and how I’m making it all come together – stay tuned!


Master Bedroom Design Inspiration

After six months in this apartment, we’re finally tackling our bedroom. The space has great bones to start with and already has so much character with the wood floors and massive windows, but it needs a bit of a design push to live up to its potential. Here is our before:



While it functions for us, it lacks personality and any kind of design attention.  Frankly its unthought of and boring – both things I want to improve on.

Starting with the inspiration – heres where I’m heading:

diyCredit: DIY PlaybookstudioCredit: Studio McGeeviewCredit: View From My Heels cb2Fuzzy Credit: CB2 Catalogue

We have huge white walls to design around so I was drawn to deeper almost masculine colors that break up the large white surfaces but with a light and airy fee.  Blacks, greys, and muted blues with a hint of leather – thats where were going.  Check back soon for the mood board and final result.  I can’t wait to share what I have planned and how we’re executing it.  signature

DIY Apartment Shelving

Since we are renting, I have been working hard to get things done first that make the apartment feel like the space is really ours.   Hanging art, pictures, mirrors etc. helps to give a space purpose and clarity – which in turn helps make your home feel settled into.

A great way to add personality and function to a space is by adding wall shelving. They are functional, interchangeable and look really polished when done right.

While there are many great options to purchase, these DIY shelfs were an afternoon project (for my dad) and I was able to get exactly the look I had in mind.



I found these decorative l brackets originally here on amazon but they weren’t on Prime at the time so I couldn’t guarantee I’d get them in the time. So after some searching around I found the same style here at Home Depot. I love that they are a matte black finish and have a clean and simple look.  Home Depot also had options for pre-made shelves to match these brackets but I decided to use raw wood so I could customize style and size to what i wanted.


The renter friendly side also likes that the L brackets go directly into studs in the wall, but the screws aren’t deep enough to cause any damage that could affect my security deposit. Each bracket has two screws, leaving only 4 holes to fill in once we move out.

My favorite part of using shelving like these is how interchangeable they can be. I can mix the displays up with the seasons, holidays, or just when we get bored. They are both decorative and functional – which in design – is a win win.


shelf4How just working on getting some decor unpacked and purchased to style them up.   Also, stay tuned on the blog next week for a different way to use the same shelf.


The New Budget Friendly Area Rug

There are a few bigger ticket items I want to get now that we’ve moved into our new home. The area rug in our living room was first on my list and in case you missed why – check out all the things I love about area rugs here.

Here’s the before shot with the former area rug. It’s a great rug that will be used again but it wasn’t active enough for the living space – too beige to make the cut here.


Since the walls bring a huge about of blank white space to the room, I wanted to use an area rug as a way to add color and pattern. Area rugs take up a large amount of surface area so it’s a great way to break up all of the beige blotches here and add some further interest. Also, since our kitchen, dining and living room are all one larger room, I wanted an area rug pronounced enough that it would give a clear separation of space.

The area rug we had when we moved in was slightly larger than I wanted it to be, but it made for an easy template in searching for its replacement. In order to best define the living space from the kitchen, I wanted it a bit more tailored and centered around the sofa. After measuring and taping off some initial shapes and sizes we ended up with a 8×6 final size – a fairly standard size.

Here are some great options, all in my manageable price point – affordability comes first:

rug21. – 2. – 3. – 4. – 5. – 6.

Once I had a collection of various styles, we settled on the winner together.


This plaid number from CB2 arrived this week and I couldn’t be happier. It adds color, texture, and visual excitement while still being a neutral. Reducing the size from our original beige rug really helped define this seating area and gives it a centered feel. It was also within our $250 goal – which for area rugs is harder than it seems.




I love how changing one item in this space has transformed it in a great way. There’s lots more work to be done – but for now – I’m just standing here admiring our newest design purchase.


Biggest Design Bang for Your Buck

As a renter, rugs can be a really important aspect of your space. Though sometimes pricey, their overall mark on a room can be really transformative. Here are some of the reasons (or arguments if you need those) to consider area rugs in your space.

  1. Use Area Rugs for their Size

Since area rugs take up such a large amount of surface space, their potential to transform a space is ten fold. Think of it as an opportunity to add color, texture and pattern to your room when choosing the one for your space. While there is a time and place for the single note area rugs, step outside the box and don’t shy away from pattern. Neutral furnishings feel fresh when paired with a bold statement on the floor.


Studio Mcgee

     2. Use Area Rugs as Visual Guides

Open floor plans are all the rage these days – and for good reasons! BUT open plans can be hard to style if you need space to perform lots of different functions. Where older homes use walls to identify different spaces, think of using area rugs in the same way. They can anchor a dining table or seating area while still feeling open to whatever function is happening beside it.


Inspired by Charm

  1. Invest in Area Rugs as a Renter

As a renter, it’s not always easy to commit to investing in design. The space isn’t really yours and the ever ominous security deposit is always standing between dreams and reality. To get around this, try investing in things that can grow with you. While area rugs give you the homey and designed feel you’re looking for, they also move with you when its time to leave your rental. Plus: they don’t damage the space and won’t violate your rentals rules.


If you’re looking for the best design bang for your buck, area rugs are always a great place to start – and if you’re willing to shop around, you can find a deal worth the splurge.


Home Sweet Home

Well, we finally made it.  I say finally, because it seems like this has been the ultimate countdown that’s just now expired.  We moved into our favorite part of the city in the most unique and funky building and it’s been a wonderful change.  The ceilings are tall (I mean TALL) and the floors are original and the windows are what dreams are made of.  I have such a love for this place and I can’t wait to start making the bare bones of it more our own. 

Here are a few “before shots.” I use ‘before’ with caution as I do not yet have any “afters,” these are more like “current”.  This is the very first steps of making this space our home – so we have a place to go back to and admire or learn from where it started.  It’s to discuss a bit more fully where I want it to go, where we’ve been and a way to follow along this journey fully.  





The thing about design is that the possibilities are endless.  While on one hand I walk around these new walls and see what I want it to become, on the other I wonder about what my ideas will be if I just wait until tomorrow.  Will they be better, cool, easier, cheaper? Will they be more inspired or become more us? Will I make a mistake I can’t come back from or will I make something so amazing, even I can’t yet fathom what that is? 

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Elizabeth Gilbert’s speeches and podcasts.  The author of Big Magic, and Eat, Pray, Love; she motivates me in such an unbelievable way.  She talks about fear as being this thing that you address, and welcome, but you also tell it step aside to make way for what you are capable for creating.  That it’s always there, you’ll always be fearful, but the worst thing to do is play it safe and listen to your fear over your creativity. 

So here it is, the promise I am making now as I start on this design whirlwind and blog process.  I promise to make without fear and share without reservation.  I will honor this insane and gritty passion I have for making and find a way to just do it. 

So for Elizabeth Gilbert, for myself, and for my creative side; let’s make, remake and follow this journey wherever it goes. 

Cheers to the future “after” photos and the things waiting to be made.