Hey there and welcome!  Whether you’re my aunt, Aibhin, or a visitor who stumbled by – I am so glad you found your way here.

This blank page on a blank site is daunting to say the least – but let’s start from the top.

I graduated in 2012 with an Interior Design degree and an ambition to redesign the world.  But, slowly, reality sank in. I found the industry to be sterile and repetitive, built for a more established clientele who wanted name brands and singular style kitchens. Relating to this ‘standard’ client was difficult and awkward for me. My attitude towards design wasn’t fitting and for a while I figured it had to me. This concept was hard to swallow and made for some uninspired design ideas and unhappy job placements.

So I took a step back, and I realized, my ideal client was ME.  I know – that sounds crazy, but let’s break it down:  This ideal client is me in this place and in this time in my life.  The renter who needs more functional storage space but is limited by the rent agreement – the single gal looking to host her first function in her new condo but lacks the obvious space to make it easy or inviting – or the young couple making a combined space their own while saving for the future.  I am that budget conscious 20 something who calls Dad when the ceiling leaks, forgets power tools need to be plugged in and turns to Pinterest over Google.  I want my life and home to reflect who I am but I do it myself wherever possible.

So, I am changing up my venue. I want to share my design, décor and DIY ideas with those who can relate and to those who need the inspiration. So if you are stressed with what to do with a white wall or if you need ways to make a space that’s not yours reflect you, you’re in the right place.

Ask questions, pose problems, share your thoughts. Feel free to take an idea you like – share it all with me – and lets DIY the life we want – together.



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