Birthday Celebrations and DIY Cake Topper

October is a HEAVY birthday month for us. With 4 close family birthdays this month (including my boyfriends and my own), I’ve had lots of opportunities to brainstorm new, fun and DIY ways to have mini celebrations with the ones we love the most. Here are some of my favorite options made with house hold items and creativity.


Last Monday my boyfriend turned 30! While we had a surprise party in September, we needed to do a little something something for such a big day.  So I picked up his favorite dessert and jazzed it up with a little DIY.

This DIY cake topper was the perfect touch! Let me show you how it’s done.

2 Wooden dowels – (I used up 2 Starbucks coffee stirrers)
8″ approximately of fishing line
Double sided colored paper – any size color or type will do
Skinny pen, pencil, paintbrush, etc – for its shape only

Cut the paper into strips of all lengths, shapes or thicknesses – doesn’t need to be straight lines – and use as many or as few as you’d like.

Next wrap the paper around the skinny tool of your choosing – see picture below.  The tighter the better! You can stretch and shape the curls after.  Continue this with all pieces as seen on the right.

Next up – string the fishing line loosely between the two wooden rods.  I used scrap floral foam to hold the size I wanted in place since I was topping a fragile cake.  Use your discretion – you’ll need some wiggle room.

Wrap the twirls of paper around the fishing line.  Starting with the longest piece is easiest since it will cover the most surface.  From there add the rest, wrap them around each other and the fishing line to find a sturdy hold that looks great! I found attaching some ends to where i attached the fishing line helps keep everything in place better and covered the full distance.


Before serving, insert into the cake of your choosing (if not already there) and thats it! It’s an easy DIY with household items that really step up any birthday or cake-worthy celebration.

Mid-week Birthdays always tend to be a bit blah – adding this colorful personalized touch helped make this celebration a bit more special.

Happy Celebrating!

WARNING: Be careful how the candles line up so your new cake topper doesn’t catch on fire.


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