Tricks for Treats

I made these Monster Eye gummy treats for Halloween and they turned out great! I love an easy DIY party trick with only 3 ingredients and minimal time or effort needed.  Here’s how I did it:

Apple Gummy Rings
White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate

This DIY treat needs very little direction – the best kinds!

Piece the gummy through the top of ring and repeat, adding as few or as many gummy’s as you’d like.


Melt some white chocolate and using a piping bag or ziploc – fill the hole of the gummy with the chocolate use a spare skewer to flatten any bumps in the chocolate – refrigerate until hard.

Melt the milk chocolate and again use the piping bag or ziploc to pipe small circles onto the white chocolate to complete the ‘eye’.

These Monster Eyes are a cute and tasty way to celebrate this year – take to any party, stick in a few cupcakes, or put in a treat bag and tie with a festive bow.


Happy Haunting!


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