What’s Your Why

In these early (and nerve racking) stages of starting Cobbled Designs, I have been reading a lot of my favorite bloggers and small business successes tips, tricks, and reflections on how they got to where they are.  It’s a way of knowing how far they’ve come and it’s reassuring to know I am not the only one to go through these daunting steps.

The common thread of advice I see on repeat is to find ‘your why’ – why do people want to listen to you – why you – why are you different than the rest.   

While these questions are clearly all important aspects of starting this process for me– it’s also the hardest thing to put my finger on.  Why am I different, what makes what I have to say worth any of your time?  Who do I think I am to join these talented bloggers taking the design world my storm?

The truth is, I don’t know.  I don’t have concrete answers for any of this.  I have lots to learn about writing, explaining myself, creating new ideas and sticking to ‘my brand’.  I don’t know if I know enough, or have enough ideas; frankly I don’t know what enough even is.  There’s so much of this process that is foreign to me – but there’s one thing that brings me back to trying again and again – design.

Since graduating I have had my fair share of jobs and careers.  I have worked in what I thought would be my dream jobs and what I thought would be the worst jobs – I have experienced different industries, different hours, different cities.  I have been around the proverbial block, but I have always come back to designing.  Designing holiday decorations, or store fronts, party invites or furniture: the process of creating and designing is what inspires me; what makes me, me.


So while I try and define my purpose and explain my why, I’ll push through these fears of the unknown with just a shadowy figure of the future just out of reach, and have faith that design will get me there.  I hope you’ll ride this ride with me and see what we can create – together – and, my all means – advice is more than welcome!


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