Holiday Gift Wrapping with Scotch

Wrapping and gift packaging tutorials seem to be everywhere since the holiday season hit.  With so many amazing DIY ideas storming the internet and Pinterest, Christmas seems more stylish than ever.

When I saw Scotch Tape was hosting a wrapping competition, I had to get in on the action.  tree

My favorite Christmas trend lately  has been an untraditional color scheme.  Wreaths, trees, stockings; Christmas colors aren’t just red and green anymore, and it looks great in so many ways.  For this gift, a mix of aqua, red and neutrals worked perfectly!

Using an aqua geometric print Scotch Expressions Tape, I cut triangles irregularly, laying 3 in a row to create an abstract Christmas tree.  Repeating this created a funky and modern pattern, perfect for the holidays.


Using brown craft paper instead of traditional wrapping paper was both cheap and  neutral, making the perfect backdrop for this fun design.  This paper comes in 15ft rolls and is a Dollar Store item I always have on hand.


I found the ‘eat – drink – be merry’ ribbon in the Michaels dollar bin and adding that spot of black to anchored the color scheme perfectly.

For extra texture, I made a yarn pom-pom.  This was the easiest way to match the tape and was an out of the box way to use products I already had on hand.  I curled some red strips of craft paper and again used Scotch tape to adhere the paper ribbons and decorative pom-pom – a perfect and funky Christmas feel.

Win or lose, I love utilizing craft supplies in unexpected ways – Scotch tape products are the perfect example of this and I use them on a daily basis.  Thanks to you Scotch, for being so stylish, functional, and now, inspiring.

*not sponsored – just honest!

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