DIY Miniature Wreath Ornament

Growing up, our family tree always represented our family and who we all were.   We collected ornaments from vacations, some had personal stories, and some had memories that involved all of us. Each year’s tree was a snapshot of where each of us were at in our lives, and where our family had been.  Every ornament had meaning and it turned decorating the tree into a walk down memory lane.

I still love this tradition, but now that I have a tree of my own, my collection of ornaments from our travels isn’t quite enough.  Only one or two years collecting ornaments means that the tree is bare as can be compared to my family’s tree.  So, in an effort to not spend a fortune on store bought ornaments and still have a tree worth putting up, I am DIYing the rest!

This miniature wreath will look like you have all the time and talent in the world – but I promise that you don’t actually need either.


Wooden Circles
Craft Paint – Yellow, Green, Blue, Black (whatever you have will work)
Paint Brush
Craft Paper Strips
Power Drill

To paint the wreath onto the wooden circle, partially mix the paint colors so you have multiple streams of colors on your brush at the same time.  Next, use a blotting pattern, as shown below, to make a leafy green texture – it really is just blotting and dotting!

To get from step 3 to 4 above, use a flat bristled brush and make thinner markings to imitate individual branches.  This gives the appearance of a fully textured wreath.

While letting the painted wreath dry, I formed the holly using origami paper strips used for quilling.  These are wonderful and simple.  Although you can also cut craft paper into long thin strips, I love how uniform and easy this type of paper makes paper folding DIY projects.  Tip: I order mine from ebay for pennies!

Start by wrapping the paper strip around itself forming a tight spool.  For the berries, I glued the outer tail of the paper to itself so the circle would hold tight and secure.  For the leaves, I released the tight hold, as seen above left, and glued the tail of the paper to itself again, forming a larger circle.

Pinching the circle between my finger and thumb, I then pushed the shape into the holly forms as shown above.  After arranging the berries and holly as desired, adhere them to the dried painted wreath using craft glue.  Drill a hole in the top for the ribbon to be strung through for hanging.

wreathdecAnd voila! I love how these turned out with basic craft supplies and a little time.  They would also be great with calligraphy text painted across the top or ribbon detail instead of holly.



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