DIY Calligraphy Christmas Ball

Christmas balls are a staple this time of year.  Almost every Christmas tree has them in some form and the options are endless.

When I decided I had to beef up my ornament collection this year, I knew ball ornaments would end up being a large portion of that – a-ok with me!


After digging around a bit for the size and price point, I settled on these glass ball ornaments.   I really like the quality and look of  this set.  The metal hang top stays secure and the weight and shine of the glass looks far better than the plastic or cheaper glass options.

Glass Christmas Balls
Acrylic Craft Paint
Paint Pen

I diluted the craft paint with a few drops of water to coat the inside of the ornament.  Use your judgement here – I found some kinds of paint needed this more than other.

The process of coating the inside of the ornament takes some patience as the paint dries.  I rotated the balls every few minutes to assure no empty spaces showed through.  I then let the ornaments dry fully over the next 2-3 nights before moving on.


Using a paint pen, I added the holiday text around the ornament.  Once dry completely I re-added the metal hang top.


With very few supplies I think the final outcome of this project looks far more high end than it should.

Happy Crafting!

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