DIY Star Christmas Tree Topper

There is not much of a tutorial to share here, the supply list is short and the steps are easy, but the end result is too fun not to share.


Craft store wooden star
Metallic Foil
Craft Glue
Paint Brush
Hot Glue Gun

Using the paint brush, paint the craft glue on the wooden star, coating it completely.  Next lay the metallic foil over the star, allowing it to wrinkle and fall imperfectly.  Once dry, brush the spare foil off and repeat for a second layer to ensure no wood is showing through.  Allow the second layer to dry completely.  Finally hot glue a piece of wire to the back of the star, I used approximately 5 inches.  The wire can then be used as a twist tie to adhere the star to the top of the tree.


Metallic spray paint would also be a great finish for this if that is easier to come by than the metallic foil.  I personally like the rough and textured look decoupaging the foil gives the star.

Happy Crafting!

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