A Scented Gingerbread Man DIY Ornament


When I started brainstorming holiday projects to make this season, at the very top of my list was my Aunt Kim’s scented Christmas ornaments.


This DIY ornament is fast and cheap, and the materials are all from the dollar store.

2 – 3oz containers of ground cinnamon
2- 1/2 cup apple sauce packs
cookie cutter
– yields 6 ornaments depending on cookie cutter

Start by mixing the apple sauce and cinnamon into a thick paste, kneading it until smooth. After 10-15 minutes it comes together into a damp sand consistency.


After it’s fully mixed, roll the dough out as you would with cookies and cut the dough into shapes using the cookie cutters of your choosing.  Using a pencil, form a hole for the ribbon to be looped through for hanging – to keep the shape, pierce the ornament for the ribbon while the cookie cutter is still in place.  Let the ornaments dry on a flat surface for at least 72 hours, flipping each over every 24 hours.

Once dry, I used a white puffy paint to add buttons and gingerbread man details to complete the traditional design.   This is totally optional – but I love the way they all turned out!


These ornaments smell wonderful – it’s their main appeal.  The tree at my parents has had the same set of cinnamon ornaments for as long as I can remember and the ornaments still smell great.


Finally, a shoutout to my Aunt Kim, the original crafter of these ornaments.  She is one of my very first DIY inspirations and has more talent than I could ever hope for!  Her abilities to make homemade gifts, accessories, and crafts has always amazed me and I am sure there are more Aunt Kim inspired projects to come.  More on her and her craftiness then.


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