The Declutter Project

Now that we have a finalized moving date and plan for the future, our next step is decluttering our lives before we move into the new space. I am an avid follower of The DIY Playbook, and they recently shared THIS POST about how they keep their closet clean and organized.  So I’m taking notes from the dream team and I am implementing this house wide for 10 days.  

Since the process of a big clean can be daunting and overwhelming, especially right before  packing to move, my goal is to make organization more streamlined.  Since a move is a great way to refresh and restart, I want to prioritize the decluttering of our life before getting to the new place.   

So, here’s the plan:  In every area of our home that acts as storage I am leaving a brown bag with the intention of purging as I live.  Every time I remove something from the closet or pantry and I don’t end up having use for, I will place this item into the brown bag then as these bags fill up, I remove them and give it away as donations or trash slowly.



Even though the girls of DIY Playbook use this method in the closet, it’s a plan I can’t wait to try house wide.  With a large pack coming soon, I think it’s a more manageable approach to getting rid of clutter and moving with less.  


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