I’ve been talking a lot about moving here lately, and as I am sure you’ve caught on, we’re moving!  It’s been a major topic of conversation in our lives since deciding to take the plunge and so I thought I’d share a bit more about our end result.

We live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and are blessed to able to live in one of our favorite cities. Since it’s such a special place to us, and since both our families are in the suburbs nearby, moving was never going to take us far.

One of our favorite parts of this city is a neighbor called South Philadelphia; it’s where we spend all our spare time and where we look forward to getting to again and again. When we started thinking about moving, this was the first part of the city that came to mind and we started searching immediately. It’s a big step to move, especially when its not too far away, but its something I knew we’d regret 10 years from now.

After months of searching for a place, and really narrowing in on our must haves and ideal streets, we found the perfect little place for us. I wanted to share some blank slate pictures of our new home before we make it ours. It’s a gem and it’s ours, even if it’s “just” a rental.

newhome5newhome4Kitchen and entrynewhome8Living Spacenewhome3Guest Bedroom/ Officenewhome1
Master Bedroom

I hope you’ll come back, check in, and see what’s to come for this little apartment of ours. I have big plans and I think they’ll inspire you and your loved ones to take on some similar projects too. If nothing else, I hope you check back in to see more of these windows – they are just swoon worthy.


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