One of the easiest ways to transform a space is adding extra texture.  This can be through blankets, curtains, wood, metallic accents and so much more.  It always adds visual excitement and gives the feeling of warmth thats especially perfect this time of year.

A throw pillow can add the perfect amount texture but some of these options can be pricey.  Here are some really great warm and wintery options that add the perfect pop of texture and warmth, they are just outside of my accent pillow price range..

1.   2.  3.

While wandering the aisles of my local Forever 21 however, i found this winter scarf on sale for $6.45 and fell in love with its visual texture.

Scarf Pillow.jpg

I am always trying to find new ways to use everyday items but this one was clearly made to be transformed into a throw pillow.  Its the perfect size and it has the most wonderful silky touch.  A minimal about of creativity and DIY effort transformed this scarf into the knit throw pillow I was looking for but under $10! Winner.


Find any neck winter scarf in your local sales bins to make something similar and follow along below to get the same look.

Knit ring scarf
Scrap fabric in coordinating color
Pillow Stuffing
Cashmere like Yarn (I found mine for under $2.00 on ebay in the perfect color)

First cut the spare fabric into 2 squares the same size as the scarf for an inner lining, since the knit pattern of the scarf I used was so wide, this was necessary to hold in the stuffing over time.  I sewed the lining first to the inside of the scarf, added the stuffing and sewed the scarf to itself to close both openings.  After a bit of fluffing, your throw pillow is complete!


Incorporating textural pieces like this to your daily decor adds a feeling of expense, and doing it yourself keeps that expense way down.



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