Our Design Plan – The Living Room

And so it begins! Since I’ve been doing very little except planing and waiting patiently to move April 1st, I thought I would share a bit of our room by room design plan.  It’ll be a fun way to look back as we start to execute and get settled.

Our first priority for our new home is having a main functional living room that reflects who we are and optimizes the space we have.  It’s a smaller room that will act as the main heart of the apartment, so we need it to carry on a lot of jobs.  Ultimately, we need more storage, more seating than the floor plans account for, and something we love for years to come.


The building is also an old school house, so the charm of the old floors and high ceilings are too great not to celebrate.  Since it is a small space, and still a rental for us, I’ve been working on getting my creative juices flowing to think outside of the box and get all we want without breaking the bank.

If you missed it, I talked earlier this week a bit about starting the design process and approaching that blank slate with a proactive mindset.  So I started with my Pinterest Board for this space first, and broke down what we like and how we want our space to feel.


From here I knew we wanted neutrals, texture, and an industrial style that matched the charm the space carries on its own.  The main gist of the Pinterest Board was pattern and neutrals; more of a masculine/urban feel.  From here, I took a more purposeful approach to an inspiration board and that helped get us one step closer to what we wanted.  living-room1

We also know we want to use the same sofa and recliner we already own.  They are in perfect condition and theres just no reason to start over when we don’t need to – so I approached the next decisions knowing the vibe we wanted while incorporating the pieces we already own.

LivingRoom Design Board.jpg

Once Tommy and I talked about the final mood board and narrowed in on some minor tweaks, I finalized the feel with a visual idea of space in the room.


It matches our style, where we started with our Pinterest boards, and who we are perfectly.  I have one more larger scale project in mind for this space – but that’s a story for another day.


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