Moving is a process, and that’s taking it lightly. Whether you’re buying or renting it takes a lot of work to get to the anticipated moving day. A lot of the work can be done before you reach that one exciting and frightful day and the more of it you do the better!

They say failing to plan is planning to fail right? That goes for moving times 10! In order to make this process easier for you, here are some simple tips and tricks to make moving day better for you:

  1. Account for all costs before committing – There tend to be a lot of hidden or unexpected costs when it comes to actually moving out of one space and into another. Maybe it’s a moving truck, dollies, movers; maybe its boxes and packing peanuts, whatever you’re needing, it adds up.   Even a weekend of pizza and paper plates while unpacking can be an unexpected cost that inevitably happens. Instead of watching your bank account slowly fade away, plan for these costs the same way you plan for a down payment or first and last months rent. It’s all costs you can’t really avoid, so be ready and set those funds aside early in your search process so your funds stay in check.
  2. Use your current home as a tool – Once you’ve committed to moving, it’s fun to start visualizing how great it will be to get there. Instead of jumping to your new home, use your current home and how you use it to your advantage. Do you have that closet full of ‘who knows what,’ or that shelf of kitchen tools with parts mismatched? Yeah, me too! Use how you use your current home as a guide to declutter; there’s no use bringing old junk to your new digs.
  1. Pack yourself, move with others – The most frustrating part of moving can be losing track of where things are. In order to avoid that extra headache of searching later, pack yourself. Let your friends, family or movers help physically move instead of packing to move. That way you’ll have a better idea of which box the coffee pot ended up in – you’ll need to unpack that first anyway.
  1. Delegate where you can – Hiring movers is the best way to delegate and its worth every penny. They won’t have other ideas or overstep their boundaries with opinions that loved ones may; use this to your advantage so your stress level moving day is slightly lower.
  2. Start today – Once you’ve committed to your moving date, there’s work to be done! Start with out of season clothing or your bookshelves and work backwards in usage. Getting your non-daily items done early will make everything orderly and manageable.

Your moving day will be here before you know it and the less work you have the night before the better. So plan ahead, and use these tips as soon as you’re able so moving day is easier to celebrate.

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