Home Sweet Home

Well, we finally made it.  I say finally, because it seems like this has been the ultimate countdown that’s just now expired.  We moved into our favorite part of the city in the most unique and funky building and it’s been a wonderful change.  The ceilings are tall (I mean TALL) and the floors are original and the windows are what dreams are made of.  I have such a love for this place and I can’t wait to start making the bare bones of it more our own. 

Here are a few “before shots.” I use ‘before’ with caution as I do not yet have any “afters,” these are more like “current”.  This is the very first steps of making this space our home – so we have a place to go back to and admire or learn from where it started.  It’s to discuss a bit more fully where I want it to go, where we’ve been and a way to follow along this journey fully.  





The thing about design is that the possibilities are endless.  While on one hand I walk around these new walls and see what I want it to become, on the other I wonder about what my ideas will be if I just wait until tomorrow.  Will they be better, cool, easier, cheaper? Will they be more inspired or become more us? Will I make a mistake I can’t come back from or will I make something so amazing, even I can’t yet fathom what that is? 

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Elizabeth Gilbert’s speeches and podcasts.  The author of Big Magic, and Eat, Pray, Love; she motivates me in such an unbelievable way.  She talks about fear as being this thing that you address, and welcome, but you also tell it step aside to make way for what you are capable for creating.  That it’s always there, you’ll always be fearful, but the worst thing to do is play it safe and listen to your fear over your creativity. 

So here it is, the promise I am making now as I start on this design whirlwind and blog process.  I promise to make without fear and share without reservation.  I will honor this insane and gritty passion I have for making and find a way to just do it. 

So for Elizabeth Gilbert, for myself, and for my creative side; let’s make, remake and follow this journey wherever it goes. 

Cheers to the future “after” photos and the things waiting to be made. 


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