The New Budget Friendly Area Rug

There are a few bigger ticket items I want to get now that we’ve moved into our new home. The area rug in our living room was first on my list and in case you missed why – check out all the things I love about area rugs here.

Here’s the before shot with the former area rug. It’s a great rug that will be used again but it wasn’t active enough for the living space – too beige to make the cut here.


Since the walls bring a huge about of blank white space to the room, I wanted to use an area rug as a way to add color and pattern. Area rugs take up a large amount of surface area so it’s a great way to break up all of the beige blotches here and add some further interest. Also, since our kitchen, dining and living room are all one larger room, I wanted an area rug pronounced enough that it would give a clear separation of space.

The area rug we had when we moved in was slightly larger than I wanted it to be, but it made for an easy template in searching for its replacement. In order to best define the living space from the kitchen, I wanted it a bit more tailored and centered around the sofa. After measuring and taping off some initial shapes and sizes we ended up with a 8×6 final size – a fairly standard size.

Here are some great options, all in my manageable price point – affordability comes first:

rug21. – 2. – 3. – 4. – 5. – 6.

Once I had a collection of various styles, we settled on the winner together.


This plaid number from CB2 arrived this week and I couldn’t be happier. It adds color, texture, and visual excitement while still being a neutral. Reducing the size from our original beige rug really helped define this seating area and gives it a centered feel. It was also within our $250 goal – which for area rugs is harder than it seems.




I love how changing one item in this space has transformed it in a great way. There’s lots more work to be done – but for now – I’m just standing here admiring our newest design purchase.


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