DIY Apartment Shelving

Since we are renting, I have been working hard to get things done first that make the apartment feel like the space is really ours.   Hanging art, pictures, mirrors etc. helps to give a space purpose and clarity – which in turn helps make your home feel settled into.

A great way to add personality and function to a space is by adding wall shelving. They are functional, interchangeable and look really polished when done right.

While there are many great options to purchase, these DIY shelfs were an afternoon project (for my dad) and I was able to get exactly the look I had in mind.



I found these decorative l brackets originally here on amazon but they weren’t on Prime at the time so I couldn’t guarantee I’d get them in the time. So after some searching around I found the same style here at Home Depot. I love that they are a matte black finish and have a clean and simple look.  Home Depot also had options for pre-made shelves to match these brackets but I decided to use raw wood so I could customize style and size to what i wanted.


The renter friendly side also likes that the L brackets go directly into studs in the wall, but the screws aren’t deep enough to cause any damage that could affect my security deposit. Each bracket has two screws, leaving only 4 holes to fill in once we move out.

My favorite part of using shelving like these is how interchangeable they can be. I can mix the displays up with the seasons, holidays, or just when we get bored. They are both decorative and functional – which in design – is a win win.


shelf4How just working on getting some decor unpacked and purchased to style them up.   Also, stay tuned on the blog next week for a different way to use the same shelf.


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