Master Bedroom Layout and Mood Board

Here’s the fun part! A mood board is the first look at everything together and always helps to bring the ideas to life.

Bedroommood board.jpg

I pulled the  deep neutrals and natural tones from some of our inspiration spaces and I love how its starting to come together.  Since the walls have so much white space, the bold rug and large headboard will break up that blankness nicely.

Bedroom Plan.jpg

We’re also redoing the layout to rotating the direction of the room. The space is slightly longer than it is wide and placing the bed the other way frees up extra space at the base of the bed.  Even though its only an extra 18 – 24 inches from how the space is laid out now, its enough to add a bench and accent chair, giving us a small seating area.  This extra seating will add softness and function we definitely don’t have currently.

While I am anxiously waiting for our orders to arrive, I’ll be sharing our process as it happens and how I’m making it all come together – stay tuned!


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