The Spare Room Series

This week I am starting a new mini series focusing on the idea of the ‘spare room’.   Living in a two-bedroom apartment made me think that the purpose of this ‘spare room’ (the second bedroom) is different for so many people. So I am turning this idea into a design challenge and creating design boards, layouts and shopping lists with a few rules:

  1. Each room will start from the same empty space and size of my ‘spare room’.

Our room is 10 ft x 11 ft – the far wall being all windows and the opposite having the door and a double door closet.



  1. The budget – all designs will be under $3,000 – an obtainable investment that includes furniture, rugs, and accessories, etc.
  2. The focus of all the spaces will be function and livability – honing in on the important aspects of each specific usage.

I hope you’ll follow along with the weekly posts for six weeks and all six potential functions of this ‘spare room.’

First up this Friday is The Nursery – Here’s a sneak peak of the inspiration for this space:


I can’t wait to share the final design!



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