The Spare Room – The Nursery

The first Spare Room design is here! It was so much fun to dream up a design for a nursery and get this blog series off to a great start.  nursery

I have so many sweet girls in my life now between my friends’ babies, soon-to-be mom’s having babies, nieces, etc.  With so many young girls around, I had to design this space for a little girl.

An all-white and soft nursery is so popular, and for good reasons, but I wanted to create a space that is a bit bolder.   There is a subtle pig theme in the space with unique colors, textures and lots of natural accents to bring a nursery space to new heights.


I love how this space came together.  The rug is a perfect color palette to jump from and all the extra wood accents bring a bold warmth to the space while adding so much wonderful texture.

shopping page.jpg

| Rug | CribChanging Table | Rocking Chair | Rocking Pig | Pig Art |

| Mirror | Floor Lamp | Throw Pillow | BallerinaGrowth Chart | Paint | Pouf |

The total budget for this space is $2,953 – and the little lady that got to start her life in a space like this is worth every penny.


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