Sunday Hello

As a way of checking in, catching you up on what’s going on around here, and generally just saying hello, I am using posts on Sundays as a catch all.  Time seems to be flying by lately and Sunday is a good day to pause and get you up to speed.  So here’s the first Sunday Hello:

– I have been really drawn to oversized art pieces lately.  It was forecasted as a trend of 2018 and so many people are doing it so well! Here are a few of my favorite ways:

by: AFP Design

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.12.45 PM.png

By: Coco and Jack


By: Sarah Sherman Samuel

I especially love this trend on a large otherwise blank surface.  As a renter, all the white walls has me dreaming up an oversized art piece of our own! Stay tuned!

– I have been researching e-design and what it looks like from a designers perspective for some time now.

There are large scale firms and smaller designers that are meeting clients needs without ever meeting face to face.  The overall concept of this has me curious and excited about its potential.  Would you or have you used e-design? Do you choose it over traditional design services to save money, because you like the streamlined nature of it, or because it creates an obtainable approach to design? Do you dislike the idea of it for the same reason? All hypothetical questions right now, but I am dreaming up how I can mix this concept with my own strengths and create something really fun.

– I have been reading books and blogs, and listening to podcasts a lot lately.  Somewhere along the endless hours of “how’d you do it” interviews I realized that I love hearing the early parts of people’s stories.  Sure, the success is what proves their hard work paid off but the grinding parts of their careers is the most fun for me to learn from.

I don’t have a story yet, but I am living in the grinding phase of what I hope will be something one day.  So, I want to reflect and embrace the long hours of designing and writing posts no one reads, creating content people aren’t aware of yet, and the extra cups of coffee I now consume on weekends to try to make this something.  I want to embrace the grind, so that one day if I am lucky enough to be able to share my “how’d you do it” story, it’ll be that much sweeter.

This is all very presumptuous of me now, but everyone has a beginning, and this is mine.


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