The Star – Patterned Wallpaper

In an effort to create more e-design projects, I am starting a second blog series based around a “star of the show.”

The plan is to take a design piece or material that is typically difficult to visualize how it would work in a space, and then design around it.  I am excited to get the creative juices flowing with this concept!

Today’s star is Queensland Wallpaper of Anthropologie.  It’s a really bold wallpaper, white background with a black watercolor-like pattern and I love the bold contrast it gives to a space.



I decided to use this in a bathroom setting.  With less wall surface, a bathroom is a great place to use a bold wall material like this.  A unique material like this wallpaper can leave a big impression on  a small space.  And without further ado, heres how I used it:


This vanity brings a different texture to the space and warms up the black and white color palette by adding a natural element to the room.  The mirrors are simple enough that they match perfectly with the ornate background while the curved edges compliment the flow of the wallpaper pattern.  Sticking to all black hardware, faucets, lighting, and knobs plays off of the room’s color palette and makes the room feel unified.  The painting above the toilet is also from Anthropologie and it perfectly connects the wood tones and black and white pattern together.

Adding bolder accents like this is such a great way to bring your home to life, especially in a room where square footage is limited.


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