The Spare Room – The Office

The next Spare Room series space is a home office.  For us, a home office is a space to work, it provides ample overflow storage, and also serves as a creative space for me and my DIY supplies.

I wanted to make this home office design a light and bright space that provides a pleasant space to work from home.  I also wanted all our overflow books, documents, bills, etc. to have a home.  This home office design is a mix of open and airy while still housing the endless amounts of books and bills that currently takeover our home office space.  office.jpg

In a space this small, closed cabinets can look bulky.  Using open book cases like these with a mix and match of storage containers is a great way to provide the storage solutions we need without being too cumbersome for the tight space.  Using a variety of baskets, boxes and bins also allows our storage needs to mix well with decorative styling and creates visual interest that is highly functional.  Win-win!

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 12.43.43 PM

A small seating area across from the desk provides a second workspace (with laptop) if needed or conversation/ meeting area and keeps the room visually open and airy.  It doesn’t block the light from the window and adds character the space needs create warmth with more color and texture.  A large neutral art piece over the seating area anchors the opposite side of book cases again without blocking air space and natural light.


I am really happy with how this space turned out.  The smaller room size sets itself up for a room layout like this and I think the neutral colors with so much sunlight is a great combination.  The best part of this design is we’re making it happen! Check back in a few weeks for the ‘after’ of our new home office.

| DeskBookcase | Accent Chairs | Desk Chair | Desk Lamp | Glass Board | Side Table | Storage Boxes | Paper Storage | Book Ends |


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