After graduating with an Interior Design degree in 2012, I was having a hard time relating to the clients and felt that something just wasn’t clicking.  It lead to a slower start to my design career and one I felt less than passionate about. After stepping back and finding my footing, I realize now, my ideal client is ME. – Isn’t everyones?! – Don’t roll your eyes at me yet though, let me explain: 

    It’s me here and now – this place and time in life  – it’s the renter who needs more functional storage space but is limited by the rental agreement – the single gal looking to host her first party in her new condo but lacks the space – or the young couple making a combined space their own while saving for the future.  I am that budget conscious 20 something who calls Dad when the ceiling leaks, forgets power tools need to be plugged in and turns to Pinterest over Google.  I want my life and home to reflect who I am but in ways that never break the bank.

   So, I am changing up my venue. I want to share my design, décor, decorating and DIY ideas with those who can relate and to those who need the inspiration. So if you are stressed with what to do with Aunt Mildred’s hand-me-down dresser or if you need holiday décor ideas that fit your budget – you’re in the right place!

    Ask questions – Pose problems – Share your DIY’s – Take an idea you like – Share what works for you – Let’s DIY the life we have into the life we want – together.

    So, here’s to more successes than failures and more inspiration than injuries – and to designing spaces even our mothers would love.